Training & Technical Assistance

Organizations may benefit from working with an outside consultant while undertaking a capacity building process. Working with a field expert or LGBTQ anti-violence organization can help ensure meaningful feedback and assistance as your organization identifies, implements, and evaluates changes.

Training and technical assistance providers or consultants can offer programs a range of services, including:

  • customized training, ranging from basic information to more complex, specialized content
  • review of written policies, client forms, program information, curricula, outreach materials and other documents
  • feedback on shifting organizational policy and procedures towards more explicit LGBTQ inclusion
  • support on developing LGBTQ-centered or inclusive strategic plans
  • identification of barriers and solutions in the built environment and in workplace culture
  • development of integrated professional development plans for staff, Boards of Directors, and volunteers
  • best and emerging practices in service provision for LGBTQ individuals, communities, and diverse LGBTQ survivors of violence

Training and technical assistance providers that work nationally are listed below. Local LGBTQ community programs may also be able to offer training and other TTA services. It is important to offer meaningful compensation for TTA services. While funding is often limited in all organizations, it is important for non-culturally specific organizations to be mindful of the historical power dynamics in local, regional, and national funding, and the lack of access to funding for culturally-specific programs. LGBTQ-specific programs have developed nuanced skill and expertise in consistently under-resourced contexts, and have navigated the difficult terrain of balancing the importance of information sharing and the staff and resource drain of offering information for free. Organizations and programs with larger budgets should offer equitable compensation for consultation and support of less- resourced, culturally-specific organizations.

A few LGBTQ TTA providers in the United States are listed below. The list is non-exhaustive. Organizations are encouraged to look to local LGBTQ anti-violence organizations as resources, as well as seeking out TTA from organizations who have specialized skills on a range of issues impacting LGBTQ survivors of violence.

Contact us if you would like to add your organization to this list.