Peer-to-Peer Learning

Peer-to-peer learning exchanges for providers can be an effective strategy in strengthening referral networks and activating efforts for organizational and regional change. Creating opportunities for providers to share their experiences and knowledge can deepen engagement and increase accountability. Peer-to-peer learning exchanges with multiple agencies may be particularly effective for high impact professional development, from community-wide provider summits to drop-in lunch hour skills sessions.

Providers who are interested in organizing or leading peer-to-peer learning opportunities are encouraged to advocate for the organization to commit resources and staff time to support these efforts. Interested parties may also consider approaching existing human services coalitions, regional or statewide domestic or sexual violence coalitions, homeless service providers networks, or other groups to propose utilizing mailing lists for outreach or advertising, adding a series of conversations or training to existing meetings or conferences, or creating work groups focused on the complex needs and experiences of LGBTQ survivors.

Creative strategies and approaches for peer-to-peer learning are endless! The following are examples of a range of strategies used to support the creation of learning communities. For more information on these strategies, please see attachments below.

  • Summits – conference-style gatherings offering training on a range of topics impacting diverse LGBTQ communities.
  • TA Office Hours -host monthly, drop-in style meetings for providers to meet with a technical assistance provider and/or local expert(s) on LGBTQ access;
  • Trainers Group – an informal, time-limited series of meetings for providers who offer training on gender and sexuality to gather, share resources, support skills development, and advance best practice.

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