Outreach & Partnerships

Outreach strategies that boldly increase the visibility of LGBTQ communities and concerns can convey an organization’s commitments to the broader public. However, outreach alone frequently fails to result in increased access to services and it can backfire if the organization is otherwise unprepared to meet the complex needs of diverse LGBTQ communities. Cultivating genuine relationships and partnerships with diverse LGBTQ communities takes time, resources, and an ongoing commitment to addressing barriers in services.

Organizations can evaluate their current networks, partnerships, and collaborations and consider how LGBTQ communities may be currently included or excluded. Because most LGBTQ organizations have far fewer resources than larger human service agencies, building meaningful and reciprocal relationships often requires a mindfulness to these structural and economic inequities.

Questions To Ask

  • What relationships currently exist with LGBTQ organizations and culturally specific providers?
  • What are effective strategies for an organization to work in solidarity with LGBTQ organizations?
  • How does the organization make decisions about community partnership?
  • Do organizational outreach materials specifically address LGBTQ communities? Are these outreach materials reviewed by individuals or groups within or outside the organization to ensure relevance to diverse LGBTQ communities?
  • Does an organization formally participate (tabling, event sponsorship, etc) in LGBTQ community or cultural events?

Resources & Links