Mission & Values

An organization’s leadership can align its commitment to LGBTQ access to its broader vision, mission, and values. Organizations with a social justice orientation, centering access for the most marginalized survivors of violence and abuse, may be better able to meet the complex and interrelated needs of LGBTQ and other underserved groups.

Most organizations want to ensure equitable access for all. A self-assessment process might examine how the organization’s commitment to LGBTQ access is considered in major decision-making, political advocacy efforts, funding priorities, and daily practice. Capacity building efforts to increase access to services should include opportunities to (re)connect community-based service organizations to broad-based movements for social and economic justice.

Questions To Ask

  • Does the organization recruit diverse LGBTQ members to its Board of Directors?
  • Is the organization’s Board of Directors engaged in efforts to increase access for LGBTQ and other underserved groups?
  • Is there an organizational commitment to social justice? Does that commitment explicitly include LGBTQ communities?
  • Does the organization build connections or partnerships based on shared commitments to social change?
  • How does the organization navigate its relationships to first responders, including law enforcement or child or elder protective services, which may put LGBTQ and other marginalized groups at risk for potential harm?
  • Does the organization actively engage in a process of self-reflection and accountability in regards to meeting mission and values standards? What is the process for soliciting feedback across the organization to inform this process?

Resources & Links

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