Human Resources

Employment practices shape the relationship between an organization and its workers. Efforts to hire and retain qualified LGBTQ employees, including transgender people and LGBTQ people of color, are key strategies for increasing access to services for LGBTQ communities. Beyond basic non-discrimination protections for employees, organizations can adopt recruitment strategies, pay and benefits equity commitments, personnel policies, and general labor practices that attract LGBTQ job candidates, promote job satisfaction, and increase retention and leadership.

Questions To Ask

  • Is there an explicit organizational commitment to workforce diversity?
  • Do racially diverse LGBTQ people apply and get hired to work at the organization?
  • Does the organization screen candidates to identify potential bias in working with LGBTQ communities?
  • Are new employees notified of the organization’s commitment to LGBTQ access?
  • Are employee benefits equitable for LGBTQ employees and their families?
  • Does the organization maintain an LGBTQ specialist (formally or informally)? Is compensation offered for this role?
  • Does the organization support employee caucusing or affinity groups?
  • Does the organization perform any unnecessary background checks?

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