Development & Communications

Fund development strategies and public relations tools convey the organization’s values and priorities to its stakeholders and the broader public. Organizations can take leadership to communicate a commitment to LGBTQ access to funders and contextualize the concerns of LGBTQ communities within the organization’s broader purpose and current priorities.

Organizations may avoid bringing attention to their investments in LGBTQ access due to perceived financial risks or community backlash. Yet human service organizations occupy a meaningful social position from which to frame and amplify the concerns of LGBTQ communities within the organization’s mission. An organizational self-assessment might evaluate and overcome perceived risks, analyze equity in funding strategies and priorities, and identify opportunities in communications and fund development to increase access for LGBTQ communities.

Questions To Ask

  • Is the organization’s commitment to LGBTQ communities reflected in its public communications strategies?
  • Are the organization’s fund development strategies consistent with its commitment to LGBTQ access?
  • Are issues of LGBTQ access to services highlighted as an organizational priority in conversations with major donors?
  • When considering applying to funding explicitly geared towards serving LGBTQ communities, does the organization thoughtfully consider its position, organizational preparedness, and relationships with LGBTQ-specific organizations?
  • How does an organization visibilize to its constituency and partners the program activities and changes related to LGBTQ access they have in motion?
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