Complete a Self-Assessment

Self-assessment is a formal evaluation of an organization’s strengths, assets, learning needs, and opportunities to increase access for LGBTQ survivors. Assessment may include gathering data and information, analyzing policies and practices, and rating the organization’s effectiveness on relevant indicators. The process should result in a realistic snapshot of the organization’s current performance.

Develop an assessment process that best fits the organization. Demonstrate LGBTQ Access offers a sample staff survey and organizational self-assessment tool. Access Teams may also decide to conduct interviews or focus groups with staff, volunteers, board members, clients, program participants, community partners, and/or other stakeholders. Working with an outside technical assistance provider or consultant can support an organization in gathering anonymous feedback and tailoring assessments to meet organizational needs.

Suggested Process

  1. Complete the LGBTQ Access Project’s organizational self-assessment tool.
  2. Consider whether you will collect additional data from staff or other stakeholders for the purpose of self-assessment.
  3. Produce a snapshot report of current performance.